BBEEE Level 2

Principal distributor of SolarCleano products in Southern Africa

We have identified the rapid growth in the solar energy sector, and invested in future proof equipment that can clean large solar instalments, at a rate and price no human can match.

SolarClean SA is the principal SolarCleano agent and distributor in Southern Africa + Lesotho + Eswatini + Botswana + Namibia + Zimbabwe + Angola + Zambia + Mozambique + Malawi + DRC + Rwanda + Burundi + Tanzania.

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Who we are

SolarClean SA is a distributor of innovative cleaning products and solutions, operating in areas all over South Africa. We pride ourselves in sourcing the most advanced cleaning equipment currently on the market, specifically in the solar cleaning space.

Putting our client’s needs first is an imperative value of our business, ensuring that our clients can continue to operate in a clean and safe environment, without the distractions and risks that accompany mess. 

Being a startup has allowed us to combine our past knowledge and experience, with the aim of disrupting and driving innovation in the industrial & commercial cleaning space.

Our vision is to increase the solar energy production in Southern Africa, by maximising the solar retention capabilities with dirt & dust free solar panels.

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