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SPIDER 2SGS is a remote controlled mower specially designed for the maintenance of turf areas around photovoltaic (PV) panels on solar farms. SPIDER 2SGS – adapted from SPIDER ILD02 features upgraded hydraulic engines and a lower profile, making it ideal for maintaining the turf beneath and around PV panels.


SPIDER 2SGS has an equal productivity as SPIDER ILD02 - it can replace up to 15 brush cutters or 1 heavy machinery at substantially lower operating costs. Due to absence of physically demanding work the daily productivity is much higher compared to the manually operated machines as no compulsory work breaks are needed.

Safety First

You would hardly be able to find a safer mower in the market. The remote control allows the operator to stay away from the working area of the mower, away from noise and vibrations. Safety can be further enhanced by using the hydraulic winch, which stabilizes the machine on extreme slopes. SPIDER mowers work safely in the toughest conditions.

Designed for mowing underneath the PV

Solar photovoltaic panels consist of numerous solar photovoltaic cells that are wired together into a series circuit.This means that when the power output of a single cell is significantly reduced, the power output for the whole series is reduced to the level of current passing through the weakest cell.Therefore, a small amount of shading can significantly reduce the performance.of the entire solar photovoltaic panelssystem. That’s why it’s vitally important to keep the grass maintained around these panels. Loss of generated energy equates to loss of income for the solar farm operator, so the maintenance of these areas cannot be underestimated.

Quality of Cut

The unique mowing device is based on high-quality mulching due to which it is unnecessary to collect the grass. Cut grass is evenly spread to the grass roots and serves as a valuable source of nutrients for further growth. The SPIDER 2SGS is equipped with a four-blade mowing mechanism that ensures perfect mowing and precise mulching. The blades are made of special alloys that guarantee strength and sufficient flexibility in case of accidental impact on a fixed obstacle. In addition to classic blades, we also offer curved blades, which you will appreciate especially during frequent mowing of parks and gardens.

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Thanks to the patented drive system offering all-direction mowing combined with the skid-steering option, the SPIDER 2SGS easily manages all obstacles and challenging terrains. The high-performance Kawasaki engine also allows it to cut through dense growth with ease. 

Drive Unit

Kawasaki FS691V 24HP / 17,9kW

Cutting width

123 cm // 4,5 in (4 blades)

Cutting Height

9 – 14 cm / 7 – 12 cm 3,5 – 5,5 in / 2,8 – 4,7 in


164 × 143 × 82,5 cm 65 × 56 × 32,5 in


0 – 8 km/h 0 – 5mph

Gross Weight

387 kg // 853 lb

Drive Unit

4-cycle Kawasaki engine provides optimum productivity and maximum payback even in the toughest terrain due to dual element air filter and powerful system of lubrication.

Performance15.4 kW (21 HP) / 3600 rpm
Oil Tank2.0 l
Number of Cylinders2
Displacement726 cm³

Remote Control Unit

The remote control provides comfort, safety and precise control. Range of the remote control is 100 m.

Following functions can be controlled remotely:

  • starting and stalling the engine
  • setting the speed mode (turtle/rabbit)
  • turning on and off the mowing device
  • adjusting the cutting height
  • changing the speed and direction
  • wheel rotation (360°)
  • skid steering
  • activation of stabilization winch
  • emergency shutdown of the entire system

Drive System

The hydrostatic drive system ensures fluent speed regulation while perserving optimum management of the combustion engine. Sensitive speed regulation and steering result in precise control of the mower, excellent operation efficiency and high safety.

Dance Step

The patented drive system „Dance step“ together with constant 4-wheel drive ensure fanstastic maneuverability in all terrains, great climbing ability and gentle treatment of grass even in wet or soft terrain.

Skid Steering

SPIDER 2SGS is equipped with the skid steering option. Steering system allows the rotation of the mower around its vertical axis and significantly simplifies manipulation.

Easy Transportation

To transport SPIDER mower you can use a special car trailer containing integrated pull-out ramps and a safety system securing the mower from motion. It can be easily and quickly transported by most of the utility vans as well.

The remote control system together with the special trailer simplify the physical manipulation. Machine can be easily operated even by disabled individuals.