Rotating Solar Panel Cleaning Brush

Sunray Solar Panel Cleaning Brush

Sunray Rotating Solar Panel Cleaning brush designed for the special environment of photovoltaic solar farms.



The rotating solar panel cleaning brush system is handheld, with three length telescopic poles, 3.6m, 5.4m and 7.2m.

Light Weight & Stable

With light weight design, the equipment is easy to carry, less noise, easy to use. 

High Efficiency

Cleaning width is up to 60 cm, one person can clean 500-750 square meters per hour, 3500~5000 square meters with 8 working hours a day.

Water Saving

The water consumption per square meter is about 1.5~3 liters, and the water consumption per megawatt is about 9-15 tons.

Cost Effective

One person a day can clean 0.27mw, which is a huge advantage in output ratio efficiency compared with similar products.

Dual Purpose Application

Distributed factory roofs, mountain solar power plants, high pile power plant, floating power plant, rooftop photovoltaic power station.